The Yes or No Exercise

Yes or No? Or both? With this exercise you’ll shake NO and nod YES. How is that possible? You can read about it:

Always consult a therapist first, to determine if this low back exercise is good for you. If you don't have a therapist yet, please find one near you by using our therapist map



Go stand up straight. Turn your head to the right. Now that your head is facing right, nod YES with your head.


Now slowly turn your head to the left – You are making a NO movement. When you head is facing left you’ll nod YES.

Try saying NO and YES during this exercise out loud.


That’s confusing right? Do this exercise a couple of times and it will get easier!

Turn 10x to the left and 10x to the right.

YES NO YES NO. Said and done. Great job!


Already done three exercises? Not yet? How about another exercise!


Watch out:
Do you feel pain or something does not feel right during this exercise? 
Then please stop and tell your parents and/or caretakers that this exercise hurts.