The Turn Your Neck Exercise

Turning your head causes your spine and muscles to move as well. And that’s really useful when you’re for example on your bike.
You can easily look behind you!

Always consult a therapist first, to determine if this low back exercise is good for you. If you don't have a therapist yet, please find one near you by using our therapist map



Go sit nice and straight. Try to keep your shoulders low and look over your right shoulder. Keep looking over your shoulder for 3 seconds.

Then, look over your left shoulder. Take a break.


Not too fast or you’ll become dizzy!

Don’t turn too fast! Otherwise you’ll get dizzy!


Already done three exercises? Not yet? How about another exercise!


Watch out:
Do you feel pain or something does not feel right during this exercise? 
Then please stop and tell your parents and/or caretakers that this exercise hurts.