Sitting Posture top 5

You’ve probably seen it already: Someone who is sitting completely bent over. Or someone who is sitting with a hollow back. On the pictures above Pim and Sophie show how you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T sit.

Always consult a therapist first, to determine if this low back exercise is good for you. If you don't have a therapist yet, please find one near you by using our therapist map



How do you get good posture? There are 5 rules:


1: The kneesKeep your feet straight under your knees.

2: The bellySlightly suck in your belly, as if someone is poking you.

3: The backMake yourself tall! But don’t forget rule number 1 and 2!

4: The shouldersKeep the shoulders low. When the shoulders go up, it looks as if you don’t have a clue.

5: The headAct as if you’re wearing a cap. The cap should be pointing forward, so not up or down. Now make your neck as long as possible, but keep your cap straight!

Can you hold yourself to all the rules at the same time? Then you’re doing very well!


Can you hold yourself to all the rules at the same time? 

Then you’re doing very well!



Watch out:
Do you feel pain or something does not feel right during this exercise? 
Then please stop and tell your parents and/or caretakers that this exercise hurts.