The Lean-and-Stretch Exercise

Sometimes it’s really tiring to stand up straight. If you just want to relax, stretch yourself while you stand up. That way you’ll do a good movement as well!

Always consult a therapist first, to determine if this low back exercise is good for you. If you don't have a therapist yet, please find one near you by using our therapist map


Take a wide stance with your legs. Lean towards your right leg and bend your right knee.

Now you can lean with your right elbow on your right knee. Stretch your left leg and put your left arm above your head.

Repeat this exercise, but this time to the left!


In total you will lean 5x to the right and 5x to the left.


Already done three exercises? Still not superflexible? How about another exercise!


Watch out:
Do you feel pain or something does not feel right during this exercise? 
Then please stop and tell your parents and/or caretakers that this exercise hurts.